Automating your World

ATC Helping customers automate their homes, business and organizations to simplify lives, provide safety and help you save money.


Energy Efficient & Automated

Many products today claim to offer efficiency with automation, however they are silo'ed products and could cost you more. Automated Technology has the solutions to provide savings and safety starting the first day.


Safety, Communication & Automation

For Parents and Educators, safety is one of their top concerns when students walk on campus. When there is an environmental concern, medical, security or an active shooter situation. ATC can take care of each of these situations and reduce the response time.


Automation & Energy Savings

Energy costs are on the rise. Facility and building management is one of the largest expenses a company has affecting their bottom line. Either energy costs or maintenance have a direct impact on the bottom line of a company.

Law Enforcement

Video Survelliance 

With the population increasing, there one officer for every 556 people. Officers are tasked with protecting and serving, working special events and survelliance in various situations.