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Your World
Just a Tap Away

There is one burglary every 18 seconds and only 13.6% of those burglars caught. Something needs to be done to protect your family and your home. ATC is offering the Arlo security and survellience cameras. Evidence proves that burglars avoid homes that have security systems and cameras. Arlo cameras detect movement and sound and alert the owner of activity.    

For your Home

Monitor your whole house

Check in on the the kids after school or while you are out for an evening, you are just a tap away from your kids and family members, making sure they are safe and secure. Be able to see who is at your front door, whether you are on the couch or across town. Arlo can alert you to any motion or sound so you know when someone is coming. Monitor visits from housekeepers, babysitters and repairmen and check on their activity.

For your Business

Take care of Customers and Employees

A smart, modern take on video security. Arlo provides a complete system of HD cameras, secure cloud storage and intuitive mobile apps to deliver a seamless experience for monitoring what matters most for your business. Recordings are securely sent to the cloud for storage and easy access from your mobile device. Cover every angle from showroom to the back lot to registers, even in dark spaces. You will have record of what happened and when.

Construction or Industrial

Job Sites and Facilities

Construction sites and Industrial lots can face a unique range of safety and security issues, including accidents, vandalism, and theft. Arlo cameras can work anywhere, without power or wired Internet and are a convenient solution. Delivering safety, efficiency and peace of mind – every worksite should have at least one Arlo camera. Keep watch of your job sites from anywhere, prevent theft, day or night“. Losses from job site theft amount to over $1 billion every year.” Make Arlo your after-hours security patrol and protect your assets and reduce thefts and vandalism at your site.

Inside or Outside

Wired power or 100% Wireless

Arlo cameras meet your needs to provide what your need to keep your home and business safe and secure. No back room to maintain.
Easy to move cameras to new locations.
Free mobile and web apps to monitor from anywhere.
Up to 1080p HD Video with night vision to see clearly.
Choose a 100% wire-free or AC Powered cameras with WiFi.
Two-Way audio can act as an intercom.
Receive Push notification from motion or sound.
130 degree angled lens .