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Keep Eyes on Every Situation

Arlo Go is reliable and its flexible placement can help law enforcers catch criminals while keeping officers safe at the station or on patrol. When you need eyes on a situation but don’t want to risk an officer, use a camera. A typical medium-sized police force can share Arlo cameras with SWAT, VICE, Surveillance Teams, etc. to join forces in crime prevention. Deploy and re-deploy in seconds. Watch areas of interest from a block or a mile away

Every Angle Covered

From specific areas of intrest to special events

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Surveillance used to mean the placement of UC’s, rolling bucket trucks, and installing expensive cameras in fake utility cabinets. NETGEAR has revolutionized how agencies can deploy covert video surveillance. Cameras can now be deployed in minutes. UCs are less at risk. Also, video can be easily shared with the chain of command... from the task

force to the DA’s office.

• Stream live video from any camera location to any device

• Small, easy-to-deploy and concealed foot print

• IP 65 rated and weatherproof

• HD Quality video and Night Vision

• Automatic notification on movement or sound

• 100% wire-free

• Mobile Connectivity

• Live Streaming with 2-way Audio