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Manage The Entire Building

Automated Technology Co. partnering with ABB building products are universal in their use but uniform in their purpose: Increase comfort, safety and efficiency in all types of buildings. Our solutions support helps you to make your buildings intelligent and shaped to the future.

One Central Interface

One system controls it all

Everything from the one source. Because today efficient buildings are intelligently networked. The suitable solutions for this can be found by architects, planners and operators under Building Space Solutions at ABB. This includes innovative technology, products and services for implementing future projects more conveniently and safely. Capitalizing on the doGate server to integrate the siloed environments and doMoove software ATC provides a central Innovative Building management system enabling unique and innovative smart building architecture.  

Presence Detection +

Manage your facility efficiently

Utilizing Busch-Presence detectors in rooms and passageways allows building owners and managers to gain better visibility into traffic in their facility. Detecting presence, movement, humidity, amount of lumens in a room, temperature and RFID. Buildings can be automated to turn lights on, and off or utilize natural light coming in through the windows. It can control heating and cooling, provided that people are in the room. This is a direct bottom line savings to the energy bill of up to 60%

Big Benefits

Across your entire facility

- Reduced Operational Costs

- "SMART" solutions for occupants and operators

- Efficient and effective management of building consumption, allowing for meaningful, tangible follow-up

- An open, future-looking architecture ready for tomorrow's IOT requirements.

- Commercial HVAC and Lighting Automation savings between 40-60%

- Up to 5% increase in productivity based on environment.

Energy Audit

Path to Savings

The world is facing a serious energy challenge; how to provide reliable and affordable supplies in the face of fast-growing demand and rising concerns for the environment. Buildings account for about 40 percent of energy consumed, mainly for heating, cooling and powering electric appliances. Energy efficient urban infrastructure is essential to preparing for a world where over 5 billion people will live in cities. ATC capitalizes on technology with ABB to perform an Energy Assessment and Audit, providing you direct feedback to where you can save money and reduce energy consumption.