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School Safety #1

One of School Administrators top issues is keeping students safe during school sessions. From medical issues and emergencies to bullying and fights to active shooters. ATC  provides a complete solution and Real-time Location System (RTLS) to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility. Not just a messaging system but allows personnel to know exactly where the incident is happening.

One Badge - Total Connection

Safety Security with Threat Isolation

ATC Education Solution may also be used for mass communications, such as evacuation or lock-down alerts, without dependence on cellular networks. With other systems, the teacher or faculty member must decide, close the door or find the phone to alert everyone. With the ATC solution, the faculty member can pull down on the badge to activate the duress feature. Once activated, all staff is notified, law enforcement is alerted and with the automation, all doors interior and exterior are locked in order to isolate the threat. 


Real-time Location Services

ATC partnering with AiRISTA Flow offers Real-time Location System (RTLS) solutions for educational facilities from daycares, preschools, K-12, to college campuses. From faculty and student tracking to staff safety. ATC provides technology that helps maximize the scarce funds and resources available to the educational community. Using precision locating algorithms with RFID and Bluetooth organizations can leverage an existing Wi-Fi network to bring location intelligence wherever it’s needed, inside or outside of the school walls—wirelessly and automatically. 

Medical Alerting & Messaging

Bi-Directional Alerting and Messaging

Knowing the exact location of an individual during an emergency can shorten response times and help prevent more serious injuries. By giving security, firemen, EMT and police real-time visibility into staff, guest, teacher, and student locations, campus-wide security is immediately enhanced. Immediate alert to medical needs and have medically trained personnel alerted. Let security members know as issues arise. Alert staff to environmental issues or let teachers know wherever they are that a student needs to come to the office.

Analytics and Replay

Improve and Prevent

Knowing the exact location of an individual during and emergency will shorten the response times for everyone. Drills and training for staff and students is essential. You now have the ability to produce post event Forensic Replay reports to see how everyone did for the event, if it is a fire drill, tornado drill or even today an Active Shooter drill. This After Action reviews is essential to keeping everyone alert and safe.