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Connecting your environment

ABB started as a Swiss companythat has evolved over 130 years as an international powerhouse. ABB engineers power and automation technologies for a broad base of utility, industrial, and commercial customers. Its lines run from robots to light switches. Power products include transmission and distribution components, as well as turnkey substation systems. Automation technologies are used to monitor and control equipment and processes in buildings from industrial plants and commercial buildings to homes. The company has established a presence in about 100 countries, with its core businesses concentrated in power and automation markets.

Arlo (Netgear)

#1 Ranked Camera System

Arlo is a NETGEAR product. NETGEAR keeps consumers and small businesses wired -- and wireless. The company designs a range of networking equipment -- adapters, hubs, routers, switches, media servers, and interfaces -- for connecting PCs in home and small business settings to each other and the Internet. (Manufacturing is outsourced to contractors in Asia.) NETGEAR also supplies network-attached storage (NAS) systems, VPN firewalls, and digital media receivers. The Arlo camera systems have raised the bar for surveillance cameras. Wireless capabilities and ability to place cameras wherever monitoring needs to take place. The company generates about 40% of its sales from international markets.

Real-time Location Services

Providing assistance where needed

AiRISTA Flow is a leader in providing Wi-Fi-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), process improvement, and hand hygiene solutions. With innovative products and patented technologies such as RFID-over-Wi-Fi™, AiRISTA Flow delivers superior software, hardware, and services for forward-thinking organizations, globally. AiRISTA Flow hand hygiene solutions help meet FDA regulations while RFID, IR, GPS, and BLE-based tags, accompanied by user-friendly software interfaces, enhance visibility into the location, condition, and status of assets, people, and workflows. Partners include wireless software developers, leading systems integrators, and resellers.
Users of AiRISTA Flow solutions include a diverse, international portfolio of healthcare, manufacturing/industrial, retail, and government clients.

Smart Homes

Automating your home

Started in 2008: Thomas Moser and Martin Oeller liked the idea of having a home in which the majority of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort could all be centrally controlled. After all, this was at a time where cars could already parallel park themselves and robotic lawnmowers could take care of the gardening. So why were homes so far behind?
Both Martin and Thomas wanted intelligent and convenient automation in their own homes. They scoured the market for something that would meet their needs but found what was on offer to be impractical, complicated and expensive.