The American Dream

ATC provides technology to meet the needs of your homes occupants, performing tasts according to schedules and taking into account the season, weather and weither anyone is at home. Our smarthome allows you to integrate your systems together for Safety, better energy efficiency and savings.

Video Surveillance


Watch brilliant HD video quality, two-way audio, live streaming, free cloud recording, instant alerts and other smart features. Arlo cameras lets you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors, and out, day and night.


Safety, Communication & Automation

When you enter a room the smart lighting turns on automatically taking into account the existing natural of light entering the room. Intelligent lighting control reduces the number of times you’ll find yourself having to reach for a switch – and it saves on your electricity usage.

Heating & Air

Automation & Energy Savings

A comfortable temperature in every room. The rooms in your home will be at the right temperature at the right time of day. At night, you’ll sleep more comfortably due to the perfect temperature in your bedroom. Turning off heat and air to rooms that are not occupied. Learn how to realize your smart HVAC Control.

Security and Safety

Video Survelliance 

You do not need any additional expensive alarm devices or equipment as part of this system. Existing components such as motion sensors, door & window contacts, lighting and blind control are all combined to create a fully-integrated smart home security system. These devices serve as either monitoring or signaling devices.